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IBD’s state of the art technology allows you to save time on designing

IBD is an "all-in-one" website where you will find what and who you need to get your construction project completed with price, timeliness and quality.


IBD has numerous Part 9 and Part 4 calculators which allow you to design structural components within minutes


Design your own garage or engineered slab ready for immediate download


Produce accurate estimates for garages and engineered slabs


What makes IBD different?

Using an innovative new approach to design with state of the art online software, IBD is able to do the impossible - allow the user to design garages and engineered slabs to full working drawing plans in a matter of minutes, ready for immediate download and permit submission. As well, you can utilize numerous custom calculators to design structural components such as beams or lintels with point loads, columns, concrete pads and many more.


Members have access to the dashboard including all calculators. Plans are discounted tremendously.

What do customers think of IBD?

Endorsed by Home Building Center as the next big advancement in the construction industry.

“We utilize the calculators as they speed up our design drawing process.”

Kristy McKechnie
K. McKechnie Architectural Design

“A great idea for advertising your business online.”

Bill Roberts
Construction Techniques

“Getting Engineered Slabs fast & cost effectively is a real asset.”

Don Scott
Scott Inc. Design + Build

“I use the Engineered Beam Calculator on house drawings I design.”

Bobbi Leppington
Former Chief Building Official,

“We love the "Design It Yourself" garage and engineered slab plans that take minutes to complete that include an engineers seal. We can submit for permit. ”

Dave Travis
Orillia HomeHarware Building Centre

“I use the beam calculator for my renovation jobs with no need to go to an engineer. ”

Carlos Cordiero
4Site Construction and Consulting

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