Privacy Statement

November 15, 2016

IBD can not guarantee any business resulting from your membership to the IBD web site.

License Agreement

Each membership is a single use license only (licensed to be used on one computer at a time).

Recurring Payments

Please note that your membership payment is set up as recurring payment through Stripe. That means you will automatically be billed upon your renewal date. The advantages are that the membership fee is locked in - you will never have to pay the higher membership fee when it increases, plus you never have to worry about forgetting to renew your membership! Contact IBD if you want to know how to cancel your recurring payments.


If you supply your own logo, each member’s company name and logo are displayed on the bottom of the main page. The closest contractors or designers to the viewer’s IP address will be displayed in random order on the bottom of the main page. The member's logo displayed on the bottom of the main page is a link to that member's Profile Page, providing additional information to any viewer.

Member Profile Page

Each member is provided with a Profile Page. This Profile Page is accessed by any viewer of the web site, by clicking the member’s logo on the bottom of the main page. This Profile Page is the responsibility of the member to maintain and ensure all information is accurate.

Refund Policy

IBD unfortunately carries a no refund policy and therefore urges anyone considering membership to thoroughly research the website and its many features prior to becoming a member.

Policy Updates

This policy may be updated without notice.

Acceptance of the Membership Policy

Clicking the Join button on the IBD web site deems Acceptance of this Membership Policy.